💥Yo Dirt Dudes & Dudesses💥
It with a heavy heart that we announce that we will not be returning to play for you… 😕
Our brilliant lead vocalist Tom is departing to live in Cornwall in the next couple of months, & it seemed a bit far for him to pop back every couple of weeks to gig 😂
Suffice to say before Covid hit us all, we had a blast !
We loved playing for you all, and we have very happy memories of laying down some banging Classic rock whilst people danced and sang along… Sweaty summer evenings sat behind my drums watching faces in the crowd enjoying our playing – it really has been a great time , & we are going to miss you all…. 😕
Thank you to all our regulars, thanks for the likes on our FB page, thanks too, to all the venues that have hosted our noisy offerings over the last 5+ years…. 😎
We wish Tom & his family all happiness for the future, Dorset loses a great Vocalist & rythmn guitarist, but Cornwall gains one 👏
🤘For those about to rock – we salute you …🤘
May contain nuts